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MHS artists find success at Regional Art Show

May 14, 2024 08:16AM ● By Ethan Hoffman

Mikaela Horne, "Distant Mind" Watercolor, colored pencil & pen, 3rd place in mixed media.

Last week local artists from Morgan High School had the opportunity to showcase their hard work and passion for the arts at the seventh annual Northeastern Utah Educational Services (NUES) Regional Art Show.

The art show in Heber featured an exhibition from April 22 to April 26, with an awards night taking place on April 23 at 6:00 at Wasatch High School. The evening included an art exhibition, a professional artist speaker, and an awards presentation. 

Students and their families were invited to attend an evening celebration for the awards night. The event served as a special tribute to the creativity, talent, and dedication of all students involved in the arts. Students were honored for their outstanding achievements in various artistic endeavors, including visual arts, performing arts, music, and more. 

Prelude music was provided by cellist Lilly Baird and violinist Emily Rigby. The NUES Art Coach, Liz Brown, welcomed the audience and remarks were given by Jacob Fernandez, a local artist who designed and painted multiple murals located in Heber City. He is also known for his horse paintings, pinstriping, and airbrushing techniques. You can see his work at the Mountainland One Stop, Tony’s Tacos, OG cafe, Little India Fine Dining, Body & Soul Studios, as well as a number of private residents around Heber. During his speech, Fernandez shared five pointers for aspiring artists to succeed in the art world. He said: 

• “Be your own best friend by avoiding negative criticism of yourself. Make a goal, write it down, and look at it regularly.”

• “Get your skills down and learn how to practice the correct way. In the beginning, focus on the fundamentals and not the finished product. For example, instead of doing a painting and taking a week to get it perfect, try painting 5 or 7 paintings in the same amount of time. You will progress a lot faster.”

• “Take lessons. You can learn a lot online, but I’ve found you learn more in person. Get an art coach; someone who can help with everything from pointing out what you need to focus on to how to price your work.”

• “Get involved with a community and talk with other artists (Those on your level and those who are further along). I’ve never had an artist not be willing to share their experience with me.”

• “Learn how to market your art! This is the one thing that every artist I’ve talked with said they wish they would have learned along the way.” 

The awards presentation was given by Piper Riddle and Liz Brown, who announced the honorable mentions, director’s choice, and the best in show awards. The medium categories featured in the show are as follows: acrylic and oil paint, watercolor paint, mixed media, drawing, printmaking, folk art/traditional/craft, 3-D and sculpture, photography, and digital media. The following is a list of students who participated in the art show and the pieces that they submitted for display: λ

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