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USU's Nicole Reed Recognized as UAE-4HYDP Coordinator of the Year

Apr 25, 2024 09:48AM ● By Sara Williams

Nicole Reed, Program Coordinator II at Utah State University Morgan County Extension, has been recognized for her unwavering dedication to youth development. Reed was recently named the Utah Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (UAE-4HYDP) Coordinator of the Year.

The UAE4-HYDP focuses on providing networking, professional development, and leadership opportunities for Utah's 4-H Extension Professionals. As a Program Coordinator II, Reed plays a pivotal role in ensuring the program runs smoothly here in Morgan County. Her 10 years of service to the Utah Association and the National 4-H Association, along with her commitment to the Morgan County program, were acknowledged when she received the award on April 10 during the 4-H Spring In-Service in Richfield, Utah.

Reed joined Morgan County Extension a decade ago, quickly establishing herself as an asset. “We are incredibly fortunate to have Nicole in our county,” said Amanda Christensen, USU Morgan County Extension Director. “Her hard work and dedication are only surpassed by her care and concern for the 4-H kids she mentors.”

Reed’s passion for her work is deeply rooted in her own experiences. “I have very fond memories of being in 4-H as a youth,” Reed said. “I was an active member for 12 years, participating in a wide variety of projects at the county, district, state, and national level. The most meaningful and impactful programs for me were showing and raising rabbits, as well as the government and leadership projects I did. This has had a large impact on my career path.” She continued, “I also worked in my hometown extension office during the summers when I was in high school. I remember thinking then that I would love to have Marie's job. Marie was my 4-H Program Coordinator growing up.”

Reed’s contributions extend beyond daily operations. She develops engaging programs, writes curriculum and informative fact sheets, and shares her expertise at conferences. Her colleagues consistently praise her ability to manage numerous responsibilities while remaining passionate about helping young people discover their potential.

“Nicole’s passion for her job is truly what makes her so effective,” said Chloee Robison, 4-H Assistant. “Nicole has taught me not only through words and actions but also through her example. If it weren't for the opportunity to work with and learn from Nicole, I wouldn't be where I am today.”

This passion is evident in the programs Reed has championed. “The programs that I am most proud of developing are rabbits, Virtual Kindness Challenge, Virtual 5K, livestock ambassadors, and horse ambassadors,” Reed said. “These programs have impacted Morgan County in a variety of ways. Some have allowed leadership and mentoring opportunities for our older youth, others have helped to bring our community together more, and some have reached a new group of participants.”

Reed’s dedication is further emphasized by her reaction to the award. “It is truly an honor and humbling to receive this award,” she said. “I do this profession because I love working with youth and helping them discover their passion, strengths, and abilities. It isn’t about the awards; those are just icing on the cake. This is my tenth year here in Morgan County and I have so much to offer, and the excitement and love for my profession still burns strong.”

This award serves as a testament to Reed's dedication to youth development in Morgan County and throughout Utah. Her passion and commitment are sure to continue inspiring future generations of 4-H participants.λ

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