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MGES Teacher Spotlight

Mar 15, 2024 09:53AM ● By Verlene Johnson

Katie Argyle grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. After graduating from Pleasant Grove High School in 2012 she attended Southern Utah University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood in 2018.

Argyle started her teaching career as Miss Jones six years ago, at Mountain Green Middle School, teaching first grade. In her third year, she was married during her spring break. 

“I am a third-generation teacher,” said Argyle. “My mom taught first grade for eight years. I love that I get to have a connection with her even though she's not living anymore. I have wanted to be a teacher my whole life. I used to play school with my stuffed animals when I was little. I never had a backup plan if teaching didn’t work out. I love kids and I am a big kid myself.” 

Argyle said she loves helping kids fall in love with books and reading. “I love reading books to kids and enjoying them with them. I love doing themed days/room transformations to make learning fun. I’ve done a bat cave, penguin day/Antarctica, African Safari, Glow-day, and plan to do Disney day and transform my room to Disneyland next month.” 

Since serving a mission in Africa, Argyle said she loves some of Africa to Mountain Green. 

“I love interacting with my kids and forming relationships and being silly,” she commented. 

Besides teaching, she is also on the STEAM Night committee at MGES where she helps run STEAM night.

Although Argyle lives in Layton, she said she came to Morgan to teach because she likes the small-town feel. “I student taught in Parowan and fell in love with small towns.”

Argyle met her husband in the singles ward. “We hung out a bunch as friends. He asked me out and after the date, I made it clear that I wanted to just be friends. We remained friends until we got set up on a date as a ward activity.” After that date, she had a change of heart and said she had to convince him she was interested and ready to date. They dated for 10 months before getting married in March of 2021. They have been married for three years. Her husband graduated from the University of Utah last May in Civil engineering. 

In her spare time, Argyle likes to hike, and play Pokemon Go in the park near their home. She also enjoys music and singing, doing puzzles, scrapbooking, crafting, and decorating for things. They enjoy playing board games and Mario Cart. Since they dated during the Pandemic, they watched a lot of movies and still enjoy anything Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney. λ

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