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Water levels look good at East Canyon Reservoir

Mar 15, 2024 09:42AM ● By Linda Petersen

This graph shows the current water levels at East Canyon Reservoir. Courtesy image/Utah Division of Natural Resources

As of March 7, East Canyon Reservoir is just over 91 percent full with a current capacity of 45,227-acre feet, according to the Utah Division of Natural Resources. This is encouraging, state water officials say. This time last year the reservoir was about 62 percent full. (Since 1989 the median level of the reservoir has been just over 71 percent).

“Statewide, reservoirs are currently at an impressive 83 percent showcasing solid water storage,” a March 7 Utah Division of Natural Resources press release said. “This level is 22 percent higher than normal and a drastic contrast to last year when reservoirs statewide were around half full. These figures reaffirm the strength and importance of our water storage and infrastructure.”

In February Utah received 157 percent of the state’s typical amount of snow water equivalent for the month, and our statewide snow water equivalent ended the month at 117 percent of normal, the Natural Resources Conservation Service reported in their March 1 Water Supply Report. 

“Our statewide snowpack has been consistently above normal since the beginning of February, which has really put Utah in a good position as we head into spring,” Candice Hasenyager, director of the Division of Water Resources, said.

Entering what are traditionally the wettest months of the year in northern Utah — March, April, and May — “Utah’s water situation is robust,” state water officials say. “Soil moisture remains favorable, setting the stage for optimal conditions as we approach spring runoff. Saturated soils will allow more water to make its way to reservoirs and streams. Stream gauges contribute to this positive narrative, with 60 percent currently flowing at normal to above-normal levels. This widespread positive trend enhances the resilience of Utah’s water systems.”

Local and state water officials will continue to monitor East Canyon Reservoir over the coming months but are not anticipating significant flooding this year. λ

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