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Three sophomores played roles in Morgan boys basketball’s run to state berth

Mar 11, 2024 11:02AM ● By Brian Shaw

Sophomore Jack Hurd [No. 20] stands in the postgame handshake line. Photo by McKenzie Hansen

Although the season ended earlier than anticipated on Morgan’s home floor to eventual champion Judge Memorial in the 3A second round, the Trojans have a bright future ahead. They had eight sophomores who got varsity playing time and one even led the team in rebounding and blocks.  

In the next few articles, the Morgan News will tell you more about these boy basketball players, beginning with three sophomores. 

Trace Henderson – Mr. Motor: 

“Trace has been on the go since day one and hasn’t stopped since! He’s got a special knack for turning anything and everything into a competition,” said Trace’s mother, who added he dreams big and lives loud. 

Trace wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was “the favorite kid [in the family] because he’s the most athletic Henderson.” His mom added that when Trace doesn’t have a ball in his hands or at his feet, “you might find him thrifting for the next drippy find at the bins.” Henderson was listed on the Trojans’ varsity roster for all 24 games and dropped two points on APA West Valley Dec. 19 in a 83-57 win. 

Mason Williams – Mr. Workaholic 

According to Mason Williams’ mom, Mason lives up to the quote, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” 

The 6-foot-8-inch Williams set a school record with 32 blocked shots this season, and “is the one you want when you have a hard, ugly job to do, because he will be with you to the end to finish it.” 

Williams always stays at an even keel, added his mother. “He is such a fun kid to be around and has a great sense of humor. He has never been a kid to play video games much or want screen time; he has always wanted to have a ball in his hand or be on an adventure with his many buddies every second.” 

Jack Hurd – Mr. Sincerity 

Jack Hurd has held a ball, bat or football since he could walk, said his mother. 

Hurd averaged about two points per game for the Trojans and has a knack for memorizing players names and numbers – something he’s done since kindergarten, his mom said. 

His favorite is the one he’s playing at the time, added Hurd’s mother, who said that as much as he loves sports – he loves people more. 

“As parents we get compliments weekly about Jack asking them how they are doing, how work is going and other questions that show the interest he has in their lives.” λ

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