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Senior Highlight

Mar 11, 2024 10:57AM ● By Olivia Rees

Kelly and Connie both grew up in Morgan County. Kelly was raised on Stoddard Lane with his parents, Edward Lloyd and Alice Adams along with his brother Kerry and sisters Charlene and Joanne. Connie grew up in Morgan City with her parents Grant Francis Beverly Jones and her siblings Sheri, Michelle, Larry, and Brad.

Morgan High graduates, Kelly and Connie were heavily involved in extracurriculars. Kelly played football, was on the golf team, and in FFA along with being student body Vice President. Connie was a cheerleader junior and senior year also participating in the symphonic band, choir and the yearly theatrical plays.

It was a different time period as evidenced in the day-to-day activities. At the time, high school was seventh through 12th grade. High school games of basketball and football were played on Friday nights and Tuesdays were mutual night at the church for the youth. The fall would bring football season and the revered deer hunt, which was a big deal across the state. It was a normal thing for guns to be in cars and trucks at school and work. As soon as the bell rang signaling the end of a school day, everyone that could would head to the mountains. “Then and now Morgan has always been a great community to support activities at the school. If you wanted a seat at ball games, plays, or concerts, you would always get there early to find a seat,” the Preeces said. During the summers there was the Morgala Days Rodeo, and the county fair, which would last for three nights. It was a big deal back then and almost everyone would attend all three nights. The best, according to Kelly, was to get a rodeo hamburger. 

Kelly spent most of his time at home with his family, enjoying each other at home. “There was a 'black and white TV with three good channels and you had to get up and change the channels,” he said. “We also had a phone that was in the kitchen, a rotary phone, attached to a cord. My brother and I would ride our bikes over to the dry farms and hunt morning doves, raising sheep, pigs, and cows. We would work in the mink with Don and Smoky Dillree and would haul hay for many of the neighbors and for my Grandpa Adams on the dry farm.”

Kelly said he loved to be outside to hunt with his dad or to take care of the animals. “We would always get up before school to get our chores done. Sundays were always at home with family and a big dinner, spending time with family and would end off with a ride around the county and stopping to get a hand-dipped ice cream cone at Buzzy’s, which was the only store opened on Sundays at this time.”

Connie would ride her one-speed Stingray bike to and from home spending her summers swimming at Como Springs with family and friends. Fond memories were also spent at the Francis Ranch where she enjoyed fishing at the pond with her Dad and siblings and riding around the back of the truck looking for pot guts. Traveling to the Uintahs, the mini tote goat, visits to the frog pond, and sitting around the campfire at night with Dad were favorite activities during the summer. 

Kelly and Connie started dating in the fall of 1974, their senior and junior year respectively. After Kelly graduated in 1975, he worked at Precision Built Homes and later served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Toronto Canada Mission for two years. His Mission President was M. Russell Ballard. After Connie graduated in 1976, she went to the Bryman School where she studied to be a dental assistant, moving in with her grandparents Harry and Alta Jones in Salt Lake City to do so. She lived there for six months attending school and working in a dental office applying what she learned.

When Kelly returned home the last week in December of 1977, they were engaged the following month of January. Married April 28, 1978, in the Ogden LDS temple, they are celebrating 46 years of union this April. They first lived at the Johanson Apartments for almost three years. Building a home with the help of Kelly’s dad, they have lived there for 42 years. Kelly and Connie have three children: Kasey, Aaron, and Charity. A busy household, the Preeces followed the kids around supporting their various activities of little league football, basketball, baseball, and church activities. The family spent many days hunting, fishing, and camping at the Francis Ranch. “We loved riding around just looking at the wildlife. Our children still enjoy doing the same with their families.”

We also carried on the tradition of Sunday dinner and going for Sunday drives around the county along with dinner each week with our children and grandchildren. We love being together as a family each week and sharing each other's company and stories to tell around the kitchen table. We get together on the different holidays of the year. For the summer holidays, we still have a barbecue with the recipe for basting the chicken in from Alice’s family of vinegar garlic and butter. For Christmas and New Year’s, we try to have the famous Adams family tipsy cake and Christmas around the tree with grandchildren eager to open presents from grandma and grandpa.”

Kelly and Connie’s posterity consists of Kasey and Yesi Preece with their children, Emma, Mikel, and Nikolas. Aaron and Malarie Preece and their children Boston, Treyson, Kolton, Whitlie, Jaydon, and Allie. Charity Croxford and her twins Paige and Patien, along with Braxton, and Eastyn.

Kelly worked at the Holcim Devils Slide Cement Plant for 37 ½ years and Connie worked at the First National Bank for 27 years manning the drive-up window. The people they met through their careers became dear friends and missed presences after retirement. Retirement now consists of following grandchildren around in their different activities. “With having 13 grandchildren, it keeps us busy following them around, and we love doing this. It is our favorite thing to do!”

We had the opportunity to serve a service mission in the inner city of Ogden for 27 months in the Liberty Park ward. It was an awesome experience and learning to love those in which we served. We now enjoy serving on Wednesdays in the Ogden Temple helping family and friends. Kelly is serving on the school board and enjoys helping the community and the kids. In the summer, he enjoys golfing and working with Compound Construction building houses. Connie enjoys walking on the treadmill, doing diamond art, following and helping her grandchildren, and doing puzzles and word searches on her iPad.

We have been truly blessed as many others have been. It doesn’t mean there hasn’t been trials, heartache, and loss. But as the years have gone by you begin to recognize how lucky and blessed we are. A good family, good friends, a great place to live, and God and church in our lives,” said the Preeces. In looking back at their lives, they advise to “take time to slow down and enjoy the ride! We live in a fast-paced world, take time to smile, visit with a friend, family member, neighbor, or a stranger to smile and listen to what they have to say.” λ

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