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Senior Citizen Spotlight

Jan 25, 2024 09:52AM ● By Olivia Rees

Dennis Whimpey was born in Lehi, Utah where he attended local schools until serving a full-time mission in Arizona then recruited to BYU. Jan Miles Whimpey was born in Denver, Colorado, and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico until her parents were tragically killed in a private airplane. Jan then moved to Pocatello, Idaho as a 3rd grader and attended local schools until she graduated from high school. Upon graduating from high school, she attended BYU where she pursued a degree in Education and loved dancing with the BYU Folk Dancers in addition to drilling, marching, and dancing with the BYU Cougarettes. Dennis participated in the wrestling program throughout his undergraduate degree at BYU and even later supported the Wrestling Program as an assistant coach. They met on a blind date, and the rest is history. 

Upon graduating from BYU, Dennis had many school districts looking to add his skill to their high school athletic programs. For Dennis, it was an easy decision for him to accept a position with Star Valley High School. Off they went to live his dream of fishing, hunting, and coaching football and wrestling at Star Valley High School. He was incredibly successful as a high school coach and loved working with the students in school and then coaching them in their athletic endeavors after school. Also active in high school sports, Jan coached the dance/flag team. When the Weber State University Wrestling position became available, Dennis considered making a move to the Wasatch Front. The following year, wrestling programs across the United States began to diminish as women’s sports received a larger focus which led to Dennis’ decision to change occupations to support a family with Jan being at home with the future children. 

The Whimpeys then relocated to SLC before settling in Morgan. Living across the valley over the last 30-plus years, they first started in Morgan before moving to Peterson and then having the opportunity to build a home on Island Road. Through those years, five children joined their family: Hali, Chad, Todd, and the twins Bryan and Sean. Dennis and Jan wanted their children to have the opportunity to learn to work hard so the kids all worked on the farm moving pipe, hauling hay, working on various dairy farms, and at local businesses. As the children were growing up, Jan finished her educational degree and had the opportunity to start her career at McKay Dee Behavioral Health as the Educational Lead. 

“We have been incredibly blessed as residents of Morgan County! Of course, the highlights of our lives have been raising our family which now includes 11 grandchildren,” enthused the Whimpeys. “We love to live in Morgan and continue to stay here because of the wonderful community, rural area, the goodness of the people, and most importantly our family all live close by.” Career opportunities have always involved many opportunities for hours of service to youth. As they are enjoying retirement, they continue to serve as Temple Ordinance Workers at the Ogden Temple in Ogden, Utah. In their spare time, Dennis enjoys many opportunities to go golfing, and Jan finds joy in gardening, cooking, spending time with the grandchildren and occasionally subbing on Fridays in the area schools. λ

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