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City attorney and city recorder’s offices to receive upgrades

Jan 25, 2024 09:45AM ● By Linda Petersen

Morgan County is continuing its renovation of its administrative building with an upcoming renovation of the city attorney and city recorder’s  offices.

“Something we've been working on since the fall  is trying to make this building grow a little bigger,” Public Works Director Bret Heiner told the county commission Jan. 16. “It would be nice to expand but we're just going to have to do a little remodeling for the attorney and the record's office to try to make more space since we've hired some additional employees.”

“We did scale back a little bit on the recorder's office for some of the things we wanted to do but there's just not enough room to make all the changes,” he said.

Adams Construction Services submitted a bid of $888,246 for the project. ACS has previously completed work for Morgan City including refinishing the city building’s basement, completing a new design/build of a records room, and remodeling the city manager’s office.

The renovation will be paid for out of the county’s capital improvement fund. All project work must be completed before April 31. λ

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