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MGMS students join inaugural FBLA chapter

Dec 07, 2023 11:18AM ● By Averyella Johnson

FBLA students sit around table in presidential suite at Grand America Hotel.

Every other Friday an eager group of seventh and eighth graders meets for Future Business Leaders of America, at Mountain Green Middle School led by Business Teacher, Dustin Fullmer. The MGMS chapter kicked off the start of FBLA with a field trip to the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City on Oct. 12. The group was taken through the hotel on a tour to learn how things run behind the scenes and to learn more about hospitality and tourism. The chapter was taken through the laundry, security, and other rooms, and learned how they operate.

After going through a process of application and interviewing by Mr. Fullmer, the FBLA presidency was chosen to be Brightyn Debore, President; Andrew Stocking, Vice President; Beau Miller, Secretary; Averyella Johnson, Reporter; Melia Rollins, Historian; Abigail Mindes, Treasurer. This group of students will meet to plan service, activities, and more for the chapter. 

Mr. Fullmer wanted to start an FBLA chapter at MGMS to give the students an opportunity that he never took advantage of when he was in school. When asked how it felt to be leading the inaugural chapter at MGMS Fullmer commented that there were a lot of nerves but also excitement, he wants the students to have fun but also learn. His hope is for the students to take advantage of the resources available and to lead them into something that is impactful to their future; something they can carry with them to high school and eventually college. He wants FBLA to be a program everyone feels a part of and a family where they can learn from each other. When talking about experiences Fullmer stated, “Don’t be afraid to experience the unknown but embrace it and treat it as a learning and growth opportunity.”

Many students are already enjoying the program and what they are learning. Emily Ferrin, a chapter member, commented “It puts learning business in a new light when I’m learning it with my friends!” “It is a great opportunity to connect with my peers and learn about business!” said Brightyn Debore, FBLA president. “I love FBLA because I get to create memories with my peers while learning.” Shared FBLA member, Aaron Behunin.

Almost all of the FBLA chapter has signed up for their first competition on Dec. 8 at Syracuse Arts Academy and will compete in an array of events.λ

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