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Morgan City annexes 54 acres near sewer lagoons

Dec 04, 2023 12:16PM ● By Linda Petersen

Morgan City Council has approved the first annexation into the city in a long time. On Nov. 14 the city council voted unanimously to allow the annexation of 54.36 acres of property located at approximately 555 West Old Highway Road, 936 North 700 East, 1075 North 700 East, and 1050 North 600 West, Morgan. 

The annexation was requested by Lisa and Shaun Preece, Waylon Michaela Preece, Blake and Eugenia Rowser, Arlene Christensen, and Deanne Johnson. It changes zoning on the site to comply with what the city's master plan shows. The applicants also requested zoning of R-1-10 for the properties which would allow Shaun and Lisa Preece to put their existing home on a quarter acre and build a home and shop on the remainder of their property.

That evening the city council also approved an annexation agreement (similar to a development agreement) which outlines the conditions the petitioners need to meet.

“Both the city and the owners of the property need to understand in detail exactly what needs to happen once the property is annexed, and so for that purpose we put together what's called an annexation agreement,” City Attorney Gary Crane said.  “There are standards regarding the utilities, details regarding the roads, the other things that will need to be done as time goes on as this property is developed.” 

Those standards include a requirement that the owners install an 8-inch sewer line on the west side of the subdivided property. The remaining parcels will need to connect to the sewer system as they are developed. Owners of any parcel that is subdivided will need to submit a subdivision application that complies with the city’s standards. They will also need to provide storm drain facilities and lines with related easements at the time of development approval to accommodate future development.

They will need to construct 600 West north of the UDOT and railroad right of way if they want to develop or subdivide any of the agricultural parcels on the north side of those rights of way. The owner will need to provide access to the agricultural parcel. Obtaining access and providing utilities to that parcel will be entirely the owners’ responsibility.

No homes will be allowed on the lots that front 700 East. The owners will be required to pay for and connect to secondary water when it becomes available. The property already receives water and power from Morgan City.λ

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