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More treats than tricks at annual Business Trick or Treat

Nov 10, 2023 09:32AM ● By Braden Nelsen

With food trucks and candy, there’s something for all ages at the Morgan Business Trick or Treat. Courtesy Photo

MORGAN - Trick or Treating has been going on in some form or another for centuries, but people have gotten more and more creative as the years have gone by. The rise of trunk or treats, and trick or treating at businesses has offered another alternative to the popular Halloween tradition, but Morgan has been taking it to the next level for over twenty years now.

Jerry Pierce, of Mountain Valley Real Estate represents just one of the many businesses that participate year after year in the Morgan Business Trick or Treat, which, while focused on Commercial and State Streets, “covers the city boundaries,” according to Pierce. While a trick-or-treat activity like this isn’t uncommon, especially in Utah, Morgan’s Business Trick or Treat is definitely special.

In an event that draws “thousands and thousands of people,” with more coming each year, the businesses of Morgan aren’t content in just handing out candy, though there is plenty of that. No, many businesses, like Pierce’s, arrange for solid foods, and almost full meals for kids and grown-ups alike. Many people even get a “full course meal by the end,” according to Pierce, who said that in recent years, they’ve sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200-1500 tacos in the two-hour event.

“It’s an amazing way to celebrate Halloween,” says Pierce, and he’s not wrong. Utahns traditionally love Halloween, and giving the residents of Morgan, and often, many out-of-towners the opportunity to dress up, celebrate, and have fun as a community has been an outstanding tradition for the past two decades. 

While this does benefit businesses, what with all the foot traffic, it’s also a great boon to the community. Morgan has a traditionally low crime rate, a “little Mayberry” as Pierce calls it, referencing “The Andy Griffith Show”, but it’s an easy way to trick or treat without going into strange neighborhoods after dark. 

The Morgan Business Trick or Treat isn’t just for kiddos, either. Over the years Pierce has seen many adults dressing up, and even said, “Adults have as much fun as the kids do!” With all the food, and activities offered by businesses around town, it’s not hard to believe either. It’s a great opportunity to break away for a minute, and just enjoy the community in Morgan.

The Morgan Business Trick or Treat will happen Halloween Night, Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., which leaves plenty of time to trick or treat around town after if desired. λ

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