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New business Morgan Nutrition wants to make your day healthy and happy

Oct 19, 2023 01:37PM ● By Olivia Rees

For all Morgan County residents desiring healthiness in the form of deliciousness, this new business is just for you! Located inside the Historic Building (101 Commercial Street Suite A), Morgan Nutrition opened its doors Oct 3. The hours of operation during the first few weeks will be 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Monday through Friday and Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. The hours are expected to be extended as they build up the team.

Morgan Nutrition has always been passionate about nutrition and living a healthy active lifestyle and wanted to have healthy, fast, and delicious options for the whole family! The goal of Morgan Nutrition has always been to look for healthy options not just for adults but also for kids, teenagers, and athletes. Through their recipes and formulas, Morgan Nutrition is able to provide healthy, fast, and delicious smoothies, energy, and hydration drinks that are sugar-free and also can be customized according to people's needs. Recognizing there are food allergies, they always strive to ensure there are options for everyone!

“We are a Smoothie and Drink shop that specializes in plant-based protein smoothies which are a meal replacement as well,” said Morgan Nutrition. “Our smoothies provide 24g (small) to 36g (large) plant-based protein, we have gluten-free options, and they taste delicious! Our drinks provide healthy, balanced energy with no crash, and they are sugar-free. No dairy is used in the process.”

Rudy and Susan Lara along with Cristhian and Celeste Espinoza are the owners and managers of Morgan Nutrition. Living in Utah for about 20 years, Cristhian, Susan, and Rudy are originally from Peru while Celeste is from Mexico. “We absolutely love our state, and want to contribute to our communities in all the ways possible! We have been fortunate to be able to succeed in our businesses as we have more shops like this in Taylorsville, Millcreek, West Valley, Midvale, and other cities around the valley. We love supporting local,” enthused Morgan Nutrition. With a passion for helping small businesses, since they are also small business owners, they love sharing and collaborating.

“One of the things that we loved about Morgan is that it is very family-oriented, everyone supports each other, and the passion for a healthy active lifestyle. With a lot of kids in sports and their parents making the time and commitment to be there and support, we love the vibe and want to help the city grow and thrive!”

Explaining the process and challenges of opening up the business, co-owner Espinoza explained, “Most of the time, we see the final result of a business and everything looks nice, but yes along the way to accomplish the goal there will be obstacles and challenges. Some of the obstacles were timing as there are a lot of new businesses opening in the county and the health inspections took a little longer than planned, however, we are very thankful for all they do. The community has been so supportive, our landlord and building manager are so amazing, and have helped us by making the process a little bit more smooth.”

Morgan Nutrition has more amazing treats planned for the future in addition to all the wonderful options already provided! Excited for the opportunity to serve everyone, Morgan Nutrition shared, “We want to invite everyone to come see us and get to know us and try our delicious products. We already feel very welcomed in this amazing city, and we want to also contribute and be of service. Thank you!” λ

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