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MHS Teacher Spotlights

Sep 14, 2023 11:36AM ● By Verlene Johnson

Sadie Julander was born and raised in Corinne, Utah, where she is the youngest of eight children. After graduating from Box Elder High School, she attended Utah State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a Choral Emphasis.

After doing her student teaching at Bonneville High School where she taught choir and AP Music Theory, she began her teaching career as the choir teacher and musical director at Davis Middle School in Evanston, Wyoming for two years. 

Julander is currently in her first year in Morgan School District where she teaches Music 1010, Intro to Theater along with all of the choirs at both Morgan Middle School and Morgan High School “I’ve LOVED it so far,” commented Julander. Additionally, she has also taught private voice lessons for nearly four years,

“I became a teacher because of the kids,” said Julander. “I know how much a great teacher can make a difference in a student’s life. I’ve had great teachers, bad teachers, and some in between. I wanted to try my best to be a great teacher and provide students with not only a quality education, but a place to belong.”

Music has always been a huge part of Julander’s life and she wanted to share her passion and knowledge about music to future generations whether they become life-long musicians or life-long music appreciators.

“The kids are the best part of the job,” said Julander. They are so smart, capable, and ready to learn. I also love the moments when as a choir we just click and get the sound we’ve been working so hard for. Any time a student gets an ‘a-ha’ moment is so rewarding to me.”

Julander met her husband Dylan when they were in an eighth grade math class together. They have now been married for three and a half years. “We were lucky enough to be married during the crazy beginnings of COVID in my parents backyard so we could be quarantine buddies.”

They also have an “adorable,” energetic dog named Hazel and a “lazy, cuddly” cat named Boba.

Julander loves to read, garden, cook, bake, paint and be out in the mountains. “Anything adventurous or artsy is my kind of thing!” she said.

“I’m so excited to be working in such a wonderful place with such incredible students and phenomenal staff. Here’s to a wonderful school year ahead!” λ

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