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Local woman places second in world fitness competition

Sep 14, 2023 10:20AM ● By Verlene Johnson

Dava Jensen on the podium after winning 2nd place in The Crossfit Games. Courtesy photo

The second most fit woman in the world for 64+ is Morgan’s own, Dava Jensen. Jensen has always tried to stay physically active since her late teen years with running, lifting and soccer. Although she claims she wasn’t very good at sports, she said she still loved playing sports. Her mom would say she always has to be moving and just having fun. About 10 years ago, when the Crossfit craze hit Morgan, Jensen joined the Crossfit Unknown. After being encouraged by her Crossfit Unknown family to become the best version of herself, she decided eight years ago to join The Crossfit Games. The Crossfit Games is an annual fitness competition that extends from February to August and is intended to discover the fittest people in the world. The first stage of the competition is called The Open. The Open is where people from every corner of the world are welcome to test their fitness and see where they stack up across the world. Most people who attend Crossfit Unknown in Morgan compete in The Open which consists of three workouts in three weeks; workouts such as 21 pull-ups, 42 double-unders, 21 thrusters, 18 C2B pull-ups, 36 double-unders, 18 thrusters (115/95), 15 bar muscle-ups, 30 double-unders, 15 thrusters. Jensen started working out five to six days a week and eating healthy to prepare to compete. explains by saying “While the purpose of the Open is to find the fittest athletes in each region to move on to the [quarterfinals], it’s also an opportunity for any athlete at any level to participate in the competition. It can add meaning and purpose to your training while also bringing your gym’s community closer together.” Jensen explained during The Open that takes place in Morgan for the Crossfit Unknown participants, it is a tradition that they have a big party each night of The Open competition which takes place in February. “This is a challenging competition and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” stated Jensen. “Also, I love to work out and get stronger, better, and remain healthy.” The top 10% percent of competitors at The Open advance to the Quarterfinals and several from Morgan qualify with Jensen placing seventh in her age group. At the Quarterfinals which took place in March, Jensen did four workouts in two days placing second in her age division moving on to the semifinals where she also placed second, therefore she was invited to compete at The Crossfit Games final. The finals were held in Madison, Wisconsin Aug. 1-6. After three days and six workouts, Jensen earned the title “2nd Fittest Woman on Earth” in the 65+ age group. “This was such a rare opportunity that I would have never expected to accomplish something of this magnitude,” commented Jensen. “For me, fitness isn't just about my physical health, but about my mental health and my friendships.” She continued saying that becoming a member of Crossfit Unknown has done just that. “It's amazing how your physical being and your mental being go hand in hand...... This competition has taught me that whether you're feeling like you could move a mountain or you’re feeling like just walking into the gym is an effort, if you give it your all, you will reap the benefits. Best part, you will always have someone to cheer you on. I invite everyone, young or old or in between to come be a part of the Crossfit Unknown crowd and just have some fun while getting healthier and stronger.” Jensen earned the distinct honor of being escorted into town by flashing lights and sirens from the Sheriff’s office and Morgan Fire Department. Congratulations Dava Jensen, from the Morgan County News. l
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