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Meet MHS’s new administrative assistant

Aug 17, 2023 10:19AM ● By Verlene Johnson

Changes continue to come to Morgan School District. With Principal Crae Wilson moving from Morgan High School principal to the District's Employments Services and Compliance Personal and Assistant Administrator, Luke Thomas becoming the Head Administrator at MHS, that left a need for a new Assistant Administrator. Joshua Sargent will fill this position.

Joshua Sargent grew up in Hoytsville Utah. After graduating from North Summit High School, he attended Brigham Young University earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor in English. He also received a master's from Southern Utah University in Education.

Sargent started his teaching career seven years ago at North Summit High School where he taught English

“I think all forms of education are vital to everyone, whether that means formal education, trade school, or whatever. The ability for everyone to learn and improve is our opportunity,” said Sargent. “I enjoy being part of that and trying to help kids determine what they love and how to turn that into a career.”

He commented that he loves to watch kids learn to overcome obstacles and challenges. “Overcoming and dealing with challenges is a life skill that everyone needs, and I love watching kids realize that they can handle life's challenges.” 

Now Sargent will embark on his first administrative position. “I loved teaching and found that my impact on students was very specific to my class only, said Sargent. “I like the idea that an administrator can still have an impact on students but on a broader scale. I'm also looking forward to getting to know and working with the MHS staff and hope to be able to assist them in any way that I can." 

Sargent has been married to his wife, Marci, for 22 years. They have a daughter that attends Utah Valley University and a son who will be a junior at NSHS.

Sargent says he enjoys spending as much time outdoors as he can. “I grew up on a farm and still spend time in the fields moving sprinklers and repairing fences." He loves traveling and spending time with his family, working in his yard, and playing golf. "Pretty much anything that keeps me active. I'm kind of a busybody and need to be working on something at all times." If he's not busy on a project, he is reading or screaming at the tv because one of his sports teams lost...again. λ

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