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LDS author speaks to SUP

On Monday the Morgan Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers held their monthly luncheon. This will be the last gathering until September for the summer break.    Present at the meeting were both of the 2023 High School Scholarship recipients and their parents. This year there were 14 applicants for the two $1000 scholarships.  Each applicant submits the standard High School Scholarship Application and a short essay required by the SUP.  Final recipients are then selected by a consensus of both the SUP and the High School Scholarship committees, this year’s recipients were Alyssa White, daughter of Chad and Mchelle White and Leineta Mafi daughter of Siosefa and Shana Mafi.  We congratulate these young ladies and wish them the best in their future educational pursuits

The feature presenter at the luncheon was educator and author Ron L. Andersen.  Brother Andersen has worked his entire career with the LDS Church in personal and career development in the U.S. and Latin America. He is the author of four books on the remarkable faith and righteousness of Abraham Lincoln and of his connections with the early Mormon Church and is a regular speaker at BYU Education Week on these topics. He recently served on the Young Men General Board for the Church. He and his wife Kathleen served a mission at BYU Hawaii. Ron is currently the President of the Bountiful Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

He discussed the possible relationship between the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints and President Abraham Lincoln.  President Lincoln believed in a higher power and the existence and need for personal revelation to make difficult decisions as president of the United States.  Senator and Apostle of the Church, Reed Smoot, would address the U.S. Senate in 1927 and state that President Lincoln’s faith in God made him a guide, prophet and seer.  Although President Lincoln would never align with a single religion he said he never stopped believing in God, the scriptures and prayed for daily guidance. λ

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