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Local ladies donate quilts to help those in need

Jun 15, 2023 09:40AM ● By Olivia Rees

In April, local ladies banded together to create quilts to donate to the local departments to distribute in times of need. Doris Thurgood played a crucial role in this donation as she organized the group and donated all the batting used to create the quilts. Feeling that most goods are made out of the country, Thurgood wanted to have something created and distributed here in the local community. Armed with material and recruiting acquaintances here in town, Thurgood got to work. 

Speaking for the group, Thurgood shared, “We are very appreciative of everything the Sheriff’s Department, the Fire Department, and Emergency Services do for the people of our community. This is just our way of saying thank you, you are the best.”

During accidents, when someone in shock, or during similar scenarios is when the Sherriff’s department sees fit to use the quilts. Since the recent donation, only a couple have been handed out since there have not been many accidents. While it is not the first time quilts have been donated, Sheriff Corey Stark commented, “It is not the first time because we have almost always had quilts in the back due to these kind ladies. I appreciate the citizens of Morgan County who try to comfort people who are distressed.”

Praising the other ladies who helped make this recent donation possible, Thurgood commented, “It was a group effort, and it took a lot of us to complete the project.” Thurgood attributed praise saying that Lila Hardy sewed the bindings on nearly every quilt with Colleen Mickelson, Susan Skeen, Cissy Toone, and Merle Durant along with others in the community pitching in to help. When one of the departments needs more, Thurgood has approximately 50 more quilts ready to tie! 

Hardy enjoyed the fun fabrics handpicked by Thurgood and said, “I hope they will be enjoyed by those in need. It is fun to give service.” 

Durrant shared that she felt that most of the other ladies did more than her, but cutting and sewing the strips for the binding, felt sure that the people appreciated the quilts. Skeen said, “I enjoy being part of the Morgan Senior Center Quilting Group. We have been able to do quilts for the Sheriff’s Office to take in the emergency ambulance vehicles. It is fun to do quilts and know they can be used by those in need.” 

For Thurgood, quilting is a way to share love. “Every quilt I make, either tied or quilted, is done with love and care,” emphasized Thurgood. “I always want the person receiving them to know how much I enjoy doing this.” 

 Thurgood originally started quilting about 35 years ago because, she said, “I love to take pieces of fabric, cut them up and make something beautiful.” Making beautiful things and donating them is something Thurgood has done throughout the years to many different people and organizations. “About 20 years ago,” explained Thurgood, “some local ladies and I made quilts for the Morgan County Emergency Department. They really appreciated them, and we understood they were running out of quilts. So, we decided it was time to make some more.” Most the quilts Thurgood makes are given away. As a member of the Executive Board for Primary Children’s Hospital, Thurgood has donated many quilts to the hospital. At the hospital, the quilts are either given to the children or sold with 100% of the proceeds going towards the hospital. “I give quilts to many people, and I know they are appreciated. I try and give a quilt to the young women in my ward when they either graduate or get married. Just to see their faces makes if all worthwhile.” 

“I am so grateful that Doris reached out to share such an amazing gift to those in need. A lot of times in Emergency Situations we meet people at their lowest point in their lives. It is nice to have some thing to give them that was hand made by some one who truly cares,” shared Austin Turner, the Morgan County Emergency Manager. “We are really grateful to all the ladies who hand made these quilts. I know they will be put to good use and loved by whomever receives one.” λ

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