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Morgan County Library: Lego Club 

Apr 24, 2023 01:05PM ● By Ethan Hoffmann

Various builds created by Lego Club members.  Photo by Marie Cottle

Every Wednesday, elementary-age kids gather at Morgan County Library to be creative and build something with their hands. All students from ages 5-11 are welcome to join the fun right after school from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Members meet in the library's children's section where Marie Cottle, the assistant librarian, advises the meeting. An average of 10-20 students attend these meetings each week. “The mission of the club is to give kids an opportunity to socialize, increase their focus and concentration, and grab a book on the way out!” said Cottle. 

Lego is a plastic construction toy that originated in Denmark and is beloved by many. As the name suggests, Lego is the purpose of the organization. Throughout the year, various building competitions are organized to test the skills of the young builders. One of the challenges was called “Does your boat float?” and the goal of the project was to build boats out of Legos. Then they tried them out in a tub of water. If the boat floated, the participant received a treat as a reward. In another challenge, the library provided Lego instructions to build a bird. In this challenge, kids could either follow the instructions or be creative and build their own. On another occasion, the kids built Lego bridges to cross the paper river on the floor. Recently, the club built snakes out of Legos. These included: long snakes, short snakes, historic snakes, and colorful snakes. For those interested, the Lego Club will be having a Star Wars competition on May 3. 

“It’s wonderful to see the kids' creativity develop and to watch them think of new ways to build things,” commented Cottle. “ I’ve seen friendships develop and intricate cities be built. This program blesses these kids and gives them a safe place to go and socialize with others after school.” λ

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