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'Newsies' a big success

Mar 09, 2023 12:15PM ● By Verlene Johnson

Photos by Lydeah Johnson

Directed by Jennifer Fritz

Choreographed by Brenna Fritz, Jennifer Fritz and Angie Hansen

Music Director Katherine Greenfield

Fight Director Tennessee Tarrant

Technical Director Dustin Smith

Stage Manager Harrison Farmer

Stage Crew Briann Ashton, Brooklyn Long, McKell Phillips, Jordan Robinson, Cooper Sharp, Evie Laughlin

Set Builders Mrs. Fritz’s fifth period Stage Tech Class and Kayla Rich

Tech Crew Spencer Dearden, Jordan Robinson: Lighting; Sam Nickerson: Sound; Aaron and Jennifer Fritz: Set Designer; Spencer Birt: Student Director 

Photo Gallery as listed below:

Photo 1 Payton Hatt as Jack Kelly and Aly Spagnuolo as Kathrine Plummer

Photo 2 Simon Bott as Crutchie

Photo 3 Brickman Walker as Davey and Spencer Kobe as Les

Photo 4 Preston Johnson as Joseph Pulitzer, Sean Odem as Seitz, Kasha Carpenter as Bunsen, Sage Felt as Hannah, Spencer Birt as Nunzio

Photo 5 Tage Wilkerson as Race, Carter Fields as Albert, Paitlee Dorius as Specs, Caden Standing as Henry/Mush, Austin Barlow as Finch, McEdge Dorius as Romeo, Brock Barlow as Elmer, Shannon Kobe as Splasher/Buttons, Emma Wright as as Tommy Boy, Lainey Hansen as Jo Jo, Londyn Elmer as Mack, Isabel McFarland as Glass.

Photo 6 Noah Bernardo as Snyder, and Payton Hatt

Photo 7 Jayden Pierce as Oscar Delancey and Ethan Christensen as Wiesel

Photo 8 Jenna Windley as Medda Larkin

Photo 9 Michael Ard as the Stage Manager

Photo 10 Amberly Dorrity, Hailey Holding, Winter Jones, Jayden Limb, Winter Jones, Jayden Limb, Hannah Shaw, Clara Stone, Sophia Trageser, Ashlyn Turner, Shannon Kobe and Paitlee Dorius as Spot Collins

Photo 11 Scabs: Jackson Farmer, Avalon Weidner and Landon Haddock

Photo 12 Kasha Carpenter as Jacobi

Photo 13 Spencer Birt as Governor Teddy Roosevelt

Photo 14 Kayla Carroll, Mara Lewis, Brickman Walker

Photo 15 Courtney Ellis as Darcy and Davis Erickson as Bill

Photo 16 Cate Compton, Courtney Ellis, Sage Felt, Sophia Larsen, Jayden Limb, Bella Pincock, Clara Stone, Brighton Nelson, Kensi London, Savannah Larsen, Amberly Dorrity

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