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Turning a ‘passion project’ into a budding business

Mar 06, 2023 09:46AM ● By Alisha Copfer

A shelf in MorganiteGems featuring some of the rocks and crystals customers may purchase. Courtesy photo

As a third generation Morganite, Jennifer Remund opened her gem store with her family in mind. “The entire family is from Morgan, so she called the store MorganiteGems,” said Linda Rawson, Remund’s mother. 

MorganiteGems started selling handmade products on Etsy under the brand name of 2BizChicks and had over 5,000 sales. In September 2022, Remund decided to open a retail store and rebrand to MorganiteGems, “because she is passionate about crystals and gemstones,” said Rawson. “Jennifer runs this fantastic store and constantly adds beautiful pieces to the inventory.”

The new website states, “Amid the hustle of our busy, modern world, there is a strong need for calm, quiet, positive energy. As successful businesswomen, we get it! After a long day, we need to retreat into a creative space to ground ourselves and unwind. And that’s where we came up with the idea for MorganiteGems.”

Remund is the primary owner, and Rawson helps when she can. Together, they also own DynaGrace Enterprises, also located in Morgan since 2006. DynaGrace is a women-owned business that does Information Technology (IT), including writing software. 

Rawson says that all of the products sold at MorganiteGems have an earth science base. These include the abundance grid, zodiac, fertility, protection and love crystal sets. In addition, Remund and Rawson are constantly creating positive mindset tools, including crystal starter sets, crystal phone grips, tumbled stones, gemstone jewelry and more. The inventory, both online and in-store, updates frequently.

“MorganiteGems aims to ensure you feel confident in your spiritual practices and crystal use,” said Rawson. “Therefore, we include a helpful information card with most crystals you buy. The gemstones have scientific and metaphysical properties, traditional uses and an affirmation to utilize the qualities of the gemstone.”

Remund and Rawson actively encourage others, especially women, to believe in themselves and want to help make other businesses successful. “Women in business rock, and we want to help in any way we can,” Rawson said. 

MorganiteGems is located at 151 N. State St., Morgan, and customers can also make purchases at 

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