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Katrice Maples

Mar 06, 2023 09:45AM ● By Ethan Hoffmann

Katrice Maples grew up in Porterville, California, and Pocatello, Idaho. She went to Porterville High School, Porterville College, Idaho State University and Weber State University for her education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in History, a bachelor’s degree in Education, a minor in Spanish and a minor in Music. 

Maples did her student teaching in Pocatello, Idaho, but Morgan was her first teaching job. Previously, she taught Spanish, but now she teaches World History (Ancient and Modern), US History (A & B) and Government and Citizenship. Maples also serves as the ACADEC coach, Culture Club Advisor and the Dungeons & Dragons Club Advisor.

“I struggled in school, and it took me some time to figure out how I learned best,” said Maples. “However, this struggle also gave me a unique perspective and understanding that has allowed me to be very effective in helping others overcome their own obstacles.” According to Maples, she has always had a natural desire to share knowledge and help others learn. She is particularly passionate about history and wants to share that passion with others. Maples says she is driven by a combination of factors, including a desire to help others, a love of learning and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

“I have often heard the phrase ‘those that can, do; those who cannot, teach,’” said Maples. “I think it would be more appropriate to say ‘those who can, do; those who can do more, teach.’” After all, teaching is a highly skilled profession that requires a unique set of talents and abilities. Teachers must possess a deep understanding of their subject matter, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to different learning styles and needs. They must also be creative and innovative in their approach to teaching, constantly seeking new and engaging ways to help their students learn. Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession, and those who are passionate about it can have a profound impact on the lives of their students. “Teachers are required to wear a lot of hats,” said Maples. “I enjoy the challenge and appreciate the opportunity to utilize my other talents to do more.”

Maples met her spouse in a Spanish class at Idaho State University. They have been married for almost five years. They both have lived in Spanish-speaking countries and love the Spanish language. She is a big animal lover and has a dog, two cats, and a bearded dragon. She enjoys camping, paddleboarding, tennis, soccer, playing guitar, singing and hanging out with family and friends.

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