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Another great week for Boys Basketball

Feb 17, 2023 10:36AM ● By Cait Streadbeck

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the 14-6 Morgan Trojans went up against the 2-18 Ben Lomond Scots. The result ended in another mile long win for the Trojans. 

With Ben Lomond only adding single digits to the scoreboard in both the first and second quarters, Morgan finished halftime with a lead of 41-15, a great place to be. Coach Matthews said, "I love coaching games where we have a big lead. That usually means we're playing well."

Ben Lomond picked up speed in the third quarter by adding 12 points to their existing 15 but still didn't give enough to come ahead. The fourth quarter brought 10 points for Ben Lomond and 9 points for Morgan.

"I try to juggle the time that the starters get but usually like to pull them out early in the fourth quarter and let other players play that don't get as much time," Matthews said. "If we are winning by a really wide margin, then I like to slow it down and tell the kids to only take really good shots with no 3s. I still expect the team to play with intensity and intent so as to continue improving and getting better." 

The final score was 67-37, Morgan. High scorers for the game were Joseph Weight tied with Cade Johnson, both at 10 points and two 3-pointers each.

Friday's game was Morgan against the Ogden Tigers at Ogden. Players on both teams had to fight hard for each point on the board, but Morgan came out once again for the win. The first quarter was low scoring and tight, a mere 6-4, Morgan. Quarter two brought traction as Morgan threw 20 points on the board while Ogden barely crossed into the double digits at 12. The third quarter was close once again at 16 points, Morgan and 14 points, Ogden. 

Walking into the fourth quarter, the score was 42-30, Morgan. Ogden really stepped up their game and rallied hard for a strong finish by adding 16 points to their score. Morgan maintained momentum but only added 9. Luckily, the Trojans had a big enough lead and were able to finish the game on top at 51-46. 

"The game against Ogden was a fun game," said Matthews. "We played well, but they started making shots in the fourth quarter. Our players kept their composure and made the right plays late in the game to help get us the win."

Teegan Porter came out as the top scorer with 13 points on the board and three 3-pointers. Stockton Marriott came in second with 9 points and one 3-pointer. 

Morgan's first playoff game is this coming Friday, Feb. 17, at 7 p.m. at Morgan High. If the Trojans win, they will head to SUU the following week to compete in the state tournament.

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