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Teacher Spotlight - Heather Astle

Feb 01, 2023 12:43PM ● By Verlene Johnson

Heather Astle (courtesy photo)

Heather Astle grew up in the small town of Smoot, Wyoming. After graduating from Star Valley High School, she attended Ricks College, which is now known as BYU-I. After receiving her associate’s degree in Family and Consumer Science, Astle transferred to the University of Wyoming, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, Social Studies Composite. Later, she received her master’s degree at Western Governors University in Learning and Technology.

Astle began her teaching career in Morgan, Utah, where she taught seventh-grade Geography and Utah History. She moved to Mountain Green Middle School four years ago when the school opened. In total, she has taught 20 years in the Morgan School District, teaching seventh and eighth grade Geography, Utah History, U.S. History and Reading for Fun.

“I became a teacher so that I could hopefully inspire students to love history and learning, and I enjoy being around kids,” said Astle. “I love seeing when a student gets it or makes a connection with something in History. Their faces change, and they get excited. I love seeing students go from not liking History to finding it is really interesting and liking/loving history by the end of the year.”

Besides teaching, Astle has been the student council advisor for both middle schools for multiple years. She also created the yearbook for both middle schools for about six years. She has also been a mentor for new teachers for many years.

Not knowing where Morgan was when she got the call for an interview, Astle had to ask where it was and what state it was in since she didn’t remember filling out a job application. Once she received the job at MMS, she moved to Morgan.   

Astle is the second oldest in her family. She has three sisters and one brother. She also has nieces and nephews whom she enjoys spending time with.

In her spare time, Astle enjoys crafts, cooking, reading, kayaking and fishing. She is currently taking a pottery class and loves making ceramics. She also loves to travel and has a goal to visit all 50 states and as many countries as possible. So far, she has made it to 29 states and six countries. “I love learning about the culture and trying the foods of the countries I am in,” she said. “I have eaten some strange things such as jellyfish, goat head and conch. I also love taking cooking classes for different ethnic foods.” Astle has learned to cook Thai, Indian and Peruvian foods.

Astle once took a road trip where she flipped a coin to see which direction they would turn at all major road changes. “We ended up in Montana and had a great time.” 

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