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Choosing Fitness in 2023, Local Gym Spotlight: CrossFit Unknown

Feb 01, 2023 12:40PM ● By Rachel Cordeiro

CrossFit Unknown hosts a 24-Hour Hero Fundraiser at the Morgan County Fair. Courtesy photo

Since this is a new year, many people have goals. Commonly, those are health goals. At CrossFit Unknown, the best advice they give to people is, “…when aiming for a goal, you need to think of small victories and small steps you can take to accomplish those goals.” From that point, people continue to monitor their goals and the steps they need to take to achieve them.

The CrossFit Unknown owner, Chans Porter, said, “I would say our gym is for anyone and everyone, with one caveat: you have to be willing to work hard. There is no quick fix in the fitness world. In order to have sustainable results, you have to be willing to work hard. We have coaches who are at every class leading and guiding the class. They are there helping instruct, showing correct movements and how to do them safely and helping to scale movements for those athletes who need it. Any form of fitness level is able to do CrossFit. We have athletes from 12-years-old to 87-years-old, doing the same program; we just scale it to the needs of the athlete.”

Porter grew up in Morgan. After high school, he played college baseball but was pulled back to Morgan. He was getting burned out playing baseball so much but wanted to stay in shape. He founded CrossFit Unknown in 2011. He loved the concept and in November 2012, he ended up opening up his own crossfit gym in Morgan called CrossFit Unknown. 

When the gym opened in 2012, Porter was a young 21-year-old and didn’t know much about running a business. He has made some amazing steps in the 10 years since. They have expanded their gym multiple times, thanks to their clients supporting them. 

Porter went to college to be a strength and conditioning coach but found crossfit instead. It seemed like a perfect fit, so he pursued owning his own business. He has run the gym for 10 years and coaches multiple classes every day. He has learned how people move, how to deal with injuries and how to motivate people. Porter has researched to become a better coach and business owner. 

CrossFit Unknown feels their advantage is the community within the gym. There are people in this gym cheering each other on, pushing each other to do better. People can create friendships that feel like family. When they show up and work hard, they see other people doing the same thing and it creates an amazing bond that can last for a lifetime. 

The gym is located at 376 E. 125 N. in Morgan and offers three classes for free. They have classes for everyone from 3-year-old children up to ‘Legends’ which are ages 60 and over. For more information, call or text 801-791-1289, their website is

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