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Local Artist Series Spotlight, Photographer Chad Hawkes

Feb 01, 2023 12:34PM ● By Rachel Cordeiro

A scene from the bridge over the weber river by Morgan County Fairgrounds. Photo by Chad Hawkes

Local Wildlife Photographer, Chad Hawkes, has called Morgan home for two decades.  He and his wife, Denise, moved to the valley in 2003, relocating from Davis County. They have two children, Hannah (Giullian) and Jaden, and one grandson. 

Hawkes’ interest in photography began during his high school years during which time he took photo and developing classes; however, it wasn’t until more recently, within the last three years, that he began to pursue his hobby with greater focus.

Hawkes focus is in the field of nature photography, especially wildlife. “I love researching animals and then finding and photographing them,” he shared. Even when no photographs are taken, Hawkes still considers the opportunity to get out into nature and observe wildlife a good day, and he commented that Morgan provides many opportunities to do so. 

Because his chosen career still takes up a majority of his time, his biggest challenge can be finding enough time to photograph all that he wishes, and he uses any spare time beyond that to hone the craft. “I’m always learning, taking courses, watching YouTube videos, and observing others…of course practice, practice, practice, is very important.” Hawkes commented. Hawkes enjoys photographing near Morgan and has a request for any local residents: “If anyone has wildlife near their property or home, I'd love to photograph it. I'll even provide you with digital copies.”, he offered. It’s clear Hawkes enjoys what he does, and his photography certainly showcases his incredible, artistic talent for capturing nature and wildlife with skillfulness. To view his photography, you can follow Hawkes on Facebook or Instagram @chadhawkesphotography. 

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