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Peterson to get flood relief in the form of bridge widening

Jun 06, 2024 12:51PM ● By Linda Petersen

Morgan County has received a FEMA hazard mitigation grant of $252,000 to reconstruct a bridge in Peterson at 4000 North 4000 West. This small bridge is prone to flooding most years, County Public Works Director Bret Heiner told the county commission on May 21.  

“This is one of them that floods often,” he said. “This year [it] didn't but last year we had trouble and the year before.”

Even during a year when there isn’t a lot of flooding the bridge has issues, he said. “It'd be a great project to get out of our hair, so we don't have to go out in the middle of the night in March. It's quite often we have to take care of this problem.”

Heiner and his crews often see a lot of ice jams in the Weber River near the bridge during the winter, he said. “It just depends on the weather and how the spring flow comes down so we would like to get this project taken care of.”

The proposed project will include the installation of box culverts and widening and increasing the height of the bridge which would increase the capacity of the flow by about double, he said.

Of the total $280,000 project funds, $159,000 will be used for culvert construction. The remaining $80,600 will serve for over-engineering and road paving.

Morgan County has to come up with a $28,000 (10 percent) match for this project which will come out of the flood mitigation fund. An overage of $833 will come out of the flood disaster fund.  

Heiner applied for the grant in 2022.

“It's taken two years to design and get the money so it takes a little time to do these projects,” he said.

Commissioners responded positively to Heiner’s presentation.

“Anytime somebody gives us 90 percent money and we have to match ten,  I think is a very, very good deal,” County Commissioner Jared Anderson said.

Once the project is complete, “hopefully we don't have to worry about complaints in the spring in future years possibly having that ice jam,” County Commissioner Blaine Fackrell said.

Heiner said his department has a list of proposed projects that would target these kinds of problems as funding becomes available. Addressing these kinds of flooding problems even if they only happen every six to eight years improves the county’s roads and bridges and ensures the Public Works budget doesn’t take unexpected hits, Heiner said. “We've got a few more projects that we'd love to get the money to fund.”

Heiner said he would send the project out to bid right away and expected to present the bids to the commission when they come in. The project must be completed by August 2025 according to the conditions of the grant. λ

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